So many new parents have a hard time keeping their love alive. Especially moms because we become primary parent with baby all the time and putting so much energy into bonding and caring etc, that we may forget the needs of our partner. Dads often become overwhelmed and intimidated by some of the new parent tasks so they may tune out or let mom take over everything with her motherly intuition. Lets find a balance... how do you do that ? You take the help ! Of course you want to hover over your baby and not let anyone be around the baby but you however you will create an attachment issue, neglect your partner, and make it hard for yourself to get childcare for a crying clingy child. Besides accepting help, do things together as parents, each parent should feel significant and needed when it comes to the child. Lastly, spend time alone together and on your own just like old times. Don't lose your spark! Take turns caring for your child while each of you enjoy a night out with friends

Mum Hacks For Life

 A Resolution to Move I have been running for a while, and as many others my running habit was not easy to developed, becoming a mother was just another excuse to push running to the side, but now that I have been back on the game for some time, and I am training for my first half marathon, I’d like to share with you 8 tips that helped me get were I am. Hopefully you find some encouraging words to finally, as Nike says it, just do it! HOW I DEVELOPED A HABIT FOR RUNNING If you’ve been thinking about running and you own a pair of sneakers you pretty much have everything you need to start. The hardest part is the motivation to do it, so right now make the decision to go for a short run/walk because pep talk time is over, it is time to start moving! Download a running app . I have been using Nike Running App since I started, and I am pretty happy with it. It is a FREE app and you do not need a special sensor anymore (it used to be the case back in the day, but now the app works with your

I Am Millionaire Girl Next Door

  I wasn’t born yesterday. Oh right? I am on this planet Earth for 35 years. I gathered some beliefs as I go through life, even right from the very first day my mom gave birth to me. Obviously, I got it from my parents, from the environment that I am living in or from the people I interact with on a daily basis. Mainly, the Facebook where you get to meet people and even if you aren’t friends with them NOR has a real good conversations with them in person, and yet, you still can see their individual points of view in Life scattered around on your Newsfeed. There were some other people would say things such as: you need to work hard in order to survive. you need to study hard so that you can find a high good paying job, the funny thing is, they shouted at on their Facebook wall and say things like, how I treat you depends on you. OR even demanding you to behave the way they want you to be in order for them to be happy, such as by asking you to stop taking a selfie photos on you because i

How To Secure Your Child’s Future With No Money

  There are only two types of moms: The mom who can support her child financially without limits And the mom who has no money to help her child at all The majority of you worries big time when it comes to your child’s future. Yes, I know how tempting, it is because you want to make your child’s future set in place before you die. And when we talk about ‘security’ what comes up in your mind is ‘you need to be financially stable’ for your child’s future to be secure. I get it because I am a mom to my one and only 7-year old son who means the whole world to me. Not just I am a mom. I also have a mom whom I can relate. She is a mom who has nothing to give to her four children monetarily, not even a single penny she could provide us a good future ever since then, but two of her daughters who happened to create their individual future now decides to live a thousand miles away from home. At age 28, I left from the Philippines to start and build my family in the UK. I am living in the UK for e

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love?

  Let’s be seated and tell me who you are and what you are as a wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. I’ll give you 15 minutes to tell me everything, whatever your beliefs about being a jealous person, valid or invalid. And I’ll judge you based on your beliefs because your beliefs make you the person you are, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The reason I am asking you who you are, what you are and what your beliefs are about that subject is because it plays a significant role on how you carry yourself to the world. Now tell me who you are? And you say, I am a wife. In fact, a very jealous wife to my husband whom I loved the most all my life if he happens to do something against my way. I want my husband only to focus his eyes on me, no other than, but me. I want to know whom he is going to interact day by day from Facebook down to his personal email. I don’t want my husband to click the ‘likes’ button to any women on Facebook because it hurts me and it feels like he betrayed an

Nursing Scrubs

Is it just me or have you noticed that the scrubs your doctor, or nurse, or hygienist wears are all much more stylish these days? I never used to see them them in anything but a pale blue (or, of course, the teddy bear version some of the nurses wear at the pediatrician's office!), but now I notice that everyone looks so much nice in them when I have an appointment at the doctor or dentist. I may have figured out where they are getting them from. I found these Nursing Scrubs at Amazon that sells attractive looking nursing uniforms. They carry designer styles for both men and women. I had a fun time looking through all the designs. I don't wear scrubs, but if I did, I would certainly feel much better in these versions of the uniform! So, if you are looking for somewhere to labs coats, check out nursing scrubs at Amazon. I bet you'll feel a lot better about yourself and how you look at work! BTW: It even have some ADORABLE fun scrubs for kids!

Seat On The Go

There are a ton of great booster seats and travel dining seats on the market. This one in particular caught my attention for a number of reasons; 1) The great prints- it comes in many fab and fun prints  2) The crushability- it collapses and squishes down into a small sack easily fit in diaper bags, suitcases, or a purse 3) Cleans easily- pop it right in the wash so you can clean t thoroughly after each use 4) Versatile- it holds a child from 6 months to 30 months or 35lbs and fits a variety of chair types and shapes. 5) It uses both waist and shoulder straps to hold even the most squirmy of children firmly in place. The drawbacks? There is no tray so you must be able to reach a table, spoon feed, or hold the food, and it doesn't fit all chair types such as really wide backed chairs- all in all though, a great purchase which will get a ton of use ~ Available at Amazon.